Friday, 1 April 2016

How I increased my PTP income by 800%

When I started to look for ways to earn online, traffic exchanges were one of the first places I landed. I remember surfing 1000 pages with easyhits4u in order to earn 0.3 $ and promoted my referral page of clixsense with about zero success.

While surfing traffic exchanges (TE's) I discovered PTP pages like donkeymails, cashnhits or no-minimum and promoted them instead. After  a while I had to recognize that I would hardly make any money at all and turned to other things.

Some time ago, I rediscovered the paid to promote strategy with pages like rotate4all or traffic2yoursite. Again I tried to use traffic exchanges to drive traffic to it but soon got bored and took the resolve to find a way to make earning with PTP pages more profitable.

rotate4all a new way of PTP

I created my own PTP page

I started by creating my own paid to promote page combining several services to increase my income per view. I called it a "money page" and built a tutorial how to build such a page for free. With this money page, each visit brings me about 3 times more income than a single PTP link.

Then I built a strategy to multiply the traffic to my page

The second step was to make the surfing on TE's more efficient. Well I found a way that allows me not only to surf TE's much faster but also triples the views of my page for the same number of websites I surf on TE's. I built an online course to explain step by step how to get these results and called it the "Traffic spinning top". I choose this name because my system works the same way. Like a spinning top, you have to give it an initial impulse and then it just turns by itself till the impulse is completely used.

my online course "the traffic spinning top"

I now earn about 8 times more with my paid to promote strategy and it becomes a quite interesting business.