Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to get direct referrals with Clixsense

With 7 mio users Clixsense is one of the most popular making money website. Since you can have unlimited direct referrals with this program, it can be a very interesting income source.

Some people claim it is one of the most difficult programs to get referrals for. Well it will not be true for you anymore. I will offer you a free tool so that your inbox will look like this

How does it work?

Well it is very easy. Instead of promoting your referral link directly, you will be able to promote a page that really stands out. It is not only a website, it is actually a whole course that teaches how to be successful with Clixsense. So instead of promoting the same page as like the other 7 mio users of Clixsense, you can promote a page offering an added value that will help new users and also educate them so that they will be more active and successful with the program.

What is your advantage?

The course starts with a landing page containing a video which points out the quality of Clixsense. Then the user can check the different parts of the course. On every page there is a link to sign up for Clixsense and this link will be yours! So for every person who watches this course, there are several possibilities to sign up.
In addition to that the new user will know how to use the program and how to be successful with it. Finished the times when you spend a lot of time, energy and money to get a referral only to find out that he is not active at all. With Clixsense only active referrals will bring you money.

Do you need your own website?

No, I will provide the website for you. In the url there will be your Clixsense referral link and this link will be taken for all the signup buttons of the course.

Why do I offer you this possibility?

There is a lot of work behind this offer. I did it first for myself to get referrals for Clixsense but then I thought it would be nice if my referrals could use it as well. That is why I built up this structure. Then I had the idea to let every Clixsense member profit from it and to monetize the traffic with ads placed within the course. There are no ads on the landing page. In the following lessons of the course you will find some ads so that I have something from my efforts.

How to get your page?

Get all the instructions to get your own page here. It is very easy and nothing more than copy paste. You will get your own url that you can promote everywhere.

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