Saturday, 10 December 2016

Faucetbox is closing what can you do?

If you were running a Faucet, there are great chances that you were using the service of Faucetbox. There were thousands of faucets using their service and then in November 2016 came the big surprise. Faucetbox announced that they would close their service !

Faucetbox service is closing down

What does that mean?

On 19th of December 2016, Faucetbox will deactivate their API meaning that no Faucetbox faucet will work anymore. So users cannot claim and they should really make sure to get their last payout before that date. Faucet owners have till January 16th 2017 to empty their wallets.

Fortunately Faucetbox didn’t just withdraw and leave everybody struggling. They updated their Faucetbox script in a way that it becomes compatible with other services. So owners can just continue to use their faucet and change the payment processor. To do so, it is important to download the latest script and to update their faucet.

Where can I go with my Faucet?

Very soon after Faucetbox announced its closing a fellow competitor also decided to close down. So this left us with

So I saw Epay as my solution. I updated my faucets and got an API Key from Epay and adapted all my faucets. Just in the nick of time, Epay updated their service to all the currencies that Faucetbox was offering. So even for my peercoin and dash faucets I managed to find a solution.

Epay faucets are really easy to build up and I opened a new faucet with the Epay Faucet script in about 5 minutes!

Epay allows you to put your faucet on their rotator which brings you tons of traffic. Unfortunately the traffic is not really 100% human. Since everybody uses the same faucet scripts, it has become very easy for bots. Epay showed me that 1000 peopled claimed from one of my faucets one day. Google Analytics however showed only 800 visits to my page. Knowing that each claim needs two visits, well you can imagine how often a claim was generated without a real person being there…

In the meantime another service opened called They offer a free faucet script with included Antibot and a micropayment service. Unfortunately the service only includes Bitcoins. So they offer no solution for all the other currencies.

The latest solution on the horizon is my favorite one

Since I am not 100% happy with Epay, I went on looking for other solutions and I stumbled upon a service that I find amazing. A couple of days later I saw that with the newest version of the Faucetbox Script this provider was also included. So I moved part of my faucets to

Why is it so great? does not offer a faucet script but the newest version (r 69) of the Faucetbox script is 100% compatible. The following currencies are supported: BTC, LTC and Doge. The costs are much higher than Faucetbox. So what makes this service stand out?

The thing is that nobody can claim without having an account with Faucethub. So this reduces maybe the potential number of users a bit but it is a great step against bots. With Faucethub you can have only one account with several addresses and IP’s linked to it. The stats offered to faucet owners are amazing. They tell you how many payouts have been made by the same user or the same IP. This allows you to filter the bots out very fast and block them in your faucet.

Very complete stats for faucet owners

Of course not all bots will disappear but there are much more chances to get real people on my faucets with this service than with Epay. In addition to that, Faucethub allows you to have plenty of faucets with the same account. With this account you can claim from faucets and the income goes to this same wallet. Unnecessary transfer costs are avoided like this.

Part from this, Faucethub offers plenty of additional stuff like games, paid chat and an offer wall where you can get additional satoshis. The admin is very dynamic and every week there is some new mind blowing innovation on the site.

For my faucets and myself I hope that I will continue to be surprised by this great website and I really prefer to pay a bit more for a microwallet service and to know that the admin tries to fight the bot problem with useful weapons.


  1. Hi achim have you tried the faucet wp plugin?

  2. Hi Juan,
    I haven't tried the wp plugin myself. It was initially designed to work with faucetbox and has now been adapted to Epay. More infos about it:

    I think it is an interesting possibility to try to run a faucet but I have to admit that I have many doubts about the security of Epay. I had several faucets that were using completely different templates (faucetbox, epay and custom). I got API's for them with Epay to try stuff out. Then I disabled the faucets so that no human being could claim from them.

    I had not added them to the Epay rotator and they were virtually not working. In spite of that there were tons of claims before I realized it and erased the API. So I think there are some very powerful bots out there that are adapted to the Epay API and they just empty the faucets without even having to access the faucet itself... I don't know how they work, I just know that I lost a lot of satoshis with these bots... So if possible I will avoid Epay in the future.