Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New ways to monetize your Faucet or Money Page

For Faucet owners it has become more and more difficult to find ad networks that accept them. Many ad networks consider faucets as providing incentive traffic which is against most of the TOS.

While searching for new ways to monetize my faucets and money pages, I found a couple of interesting services that I would like to present here:

Popads: Pop-up service

After being kicked out by google ads, I had to come up with a way to compensate this income source which of course is almost impossible. The closest I got is with pop-up's. Of course they are not very pleasant for my users but it is the only way to generate enough income to let the faucets survive. The problem with pop-up's is that they are often blocked and often also contain malicious content. I found a solution with Popads that is satisfactory. The service pays quite well but unfortunately the content is not always very clean.

The very low payout level of 5$ allows me to get money quickly and refill my faucets. Payouts are over Paypal or Payoneer. What I like about Popads is that you can define how often the user gets to see a pop-up while he is on my page. I try to keep it to a minimum to not annoy the users too much.

Cpm Affiliation: Paid views

I tried to find new services where you get paid for views only. I discovered Cpm Affiliation in the new forum of and tried it out. You can put up to 5 ads on your page which multiplies your income. 

The payout level is unfortunately a bit high with 50$ but you get 10$ just for joining so you need only 40$ to get the first payout over Paypal and Payza. 

Use this service to eliminate bots on your faucet!

Another very interesting feature of this service is that you can have a direct log of your website visits. This log shows you if your visitors are real people or bots. You get the ip's and you can very easily block these bots through the faucetbox security tab on faucetbox faucets. 

Vist log to your website - find the bots
I checked this for an hour and realized that there are really a lot of bots on my faucets. I am thinking of publishing the ip's of these bots so that all the faucet owners can ban them...

Thanks to these two services, I manage to cover the costs of my faucets and I even get close to the profit zone again.

Do you know of any other way to monetize faucets or money pages?

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