Friday, 26 August 2016

Why use a landing page to promote your referral link ?

Referral earnings can represent a very interesting income source. It is however not always easy to get these referrals. A big step to increase your chances is to promote a program through a landing page.

Why is it better to promote a landing page than directly your referral link?

Most of the time your referral link shows a standard page which is the same for all the users. It can be a sales page or a sign up page. Some programs provide also landing pages to choose from to promote your referral link but then the landing pages are also the same for all the users. So if you promote the same page like every body else, this does not exactly increase your chances of success.

There are many ways to promote a program but in most cases you have just a couple of seconds to catch the viewers attention. The problem with most referral links is that there is just too much content on the provided landing pages to be grasped in a couple of seconds. So instead of going through this content, the viewer just goes to the next advert.

What should a good landing page contain?

Only the essential! In as few words as possible, it should convey the main reasons why it is necessary to join the program. It should show the major benefits for the user. Ask yourself why you joined the program? A main title, a subtitle and couple of arguments are enough. Don't forget that you only have a couple of seconds to catch the viewers attention. The less content the better it is. A good landing page should also contain a call to action, a button that send to the real referral url.

You might say that it makes the process just longer if the user clicks a landing page first. What you want is that the user subscribes with the program and if you show him the benefits of it before he is sent to the subscription page, the chances will be much higher that he enrolls.

Some examples of not very successful referral urls and possible landing pages:


This is the standard referral link of ads4btc which is the same for all the users and not really helpful to attract the viewers attention.

A possible landing page for the same program that points out the benefits of the program in a few words.


For a program that is very popular like clixsense, it is very difficult to get referrals. Especially if you use the standard referral url that looks like this:

There is just too much content and your chances to get new referrals with this page are very low.

This possible landing page tries to sum up the main benefits for the user.


Another example with a bitcoins program called coinpower. It is an interesting program but on this referral url it is not really clear what is website and what is ads. For a user who has only a couple of seconds to contemplate this page, it will just seem a mess.

A landing page can show the real advantages of the program:

How to build a landing page?

I have seen a lot of people struggle with landing pages. They gave up either because it takes to much time to create them or it is just beyond their technical capacities. I have a solution for them...

A free online tool to generate landing pages

I created a simple free online tool to generate landing pages in minutes. With this tool you can create responsive landing pages without coding knowledge. All the examples above have been created with this tool. Its big advantage is that you have a preview function that allows you to continually adapt your page till you have the result you wish. You can ad pictures and videos just by providing the url. There is the possibility to create several versions of the same landing page changing just the details. This can be very helpful to find out which landing page converts best. 

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