Monday, 29 August 2016

Is scam or legit?

How does work? is a crypto-currency based traffic exchange where you are paid to visit other user's pages. You can visit websites or videos and are paid in bitcoins, ethereum and bikercoin for every page you surf. With each page you visit, you also get the right to show one of your own pages or videos to other users. In addition, every day you log in you get 5 free visits to your sites. In short it is a traditional traffic exchange concept where you are paid for watching other user's pages. It is possible to purchase page views and also get a pro account with a lot of advantages. is a crypto-currency based traffic exchange that pays you for visiting websites

How can the admin pay the users for each visit?

The purchased views and the pro account probably cannot cover all the expenses that are generated by the page views of the users. In addition the site pays quite interesting fees for referrals which also have to be covered. So how does the site manage to pay for that?

Is scam?

I think that is legit. I have been able to get a payout out of the site and I think I understand how the concept is built up. There are two factors that will prevent you from earning a lot of money with the site.
First you can see each page only once. You get to see a lot of pages in the first days after opening your account. But later the number of pages that will be presented to you will be very small. The main bulk of the pages you see at the beginning are websites where the admin advertises affiliate products which could generate some income for him.
The second point that is against you is a very high payout threshold for all three currencies. Considering this, it will take ages to get a payout if you do not generate a big number of referrals to this program. Even if you manage to get some referrals, you will probably loose them over time because they get discouraged.

You will probably not make much money with but it is a good site to promote

No is not a scam but it will be difficult to get some money out of it. However, one should also consider the fact that the site offers a really interesting way to promote referral links and programs for free. Just log in once a day and get 5 views for free. See whether you can surf some pages and get some additional views like that. Since the window of the traffic exchange has to be active to let the timer go down, the quality of the advertisement is quite high and it would be even worth to invest in some page views in order to promote a program. is a good website to promote your programs

In short I like this program and I can only encourage people to sign up, knowing that they should use it as a promotion platform for their referral links.  

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