Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Unleash the power of text links

Did you know that text links are much more often clicked on than banner links? I can confirm it. I tested the return of text links on my faucets for 6 weeks and got tremendous results. 

Most Ad networks do not provide text link features. So it is not surprising that text links are often missing from faucets. There are however other ways to get income than with ad networks. You can for example refer to a program or a site that pays you referral commissions. Or you can link to a money page that brings income for every visit. I tested both of these alternatives for an extended period of time and got very interesting results.

How to place text links

Do not put too many

When I see text links on faucets, there are often far too many and they become a list which is not the same. I got the best results with one or two text links

Put them in a strategical position

A text link can only be successful when visitors can see it well. So it is important to place them close to points where users interact with the page; close to buttons or form fields.

Promote something that interests your users

So when choosing the program or money page that you want to promote with a text link, put yourself in the shoes of your users. What do they want? Why are they on your page? What can interest them? Faucet users are interested in earning coins so you would ideally propose them something where they can earn more coins.

Write a text that attracts the persons interest

Text links give you the unique possibility to put a couple of words to attract the users interests. It is a mistake to just put the name of a program or a faucet. Attract the user with the advantages of a program.

How I setup my test

I have put the same two text links on all my 6 faucets for 6 weeks. I put them in a very central position around the address field. I choose to write the text links in a bright outstanding color.

The links I promoted

With the first link I promoted the traffic exchange 4BC Network. I chose this program for several reasons. First of all it is not a very popular page yet so there are many potential new referrals. If you chose a very well known program, well most of the people are already members... Then this website allows to earn on different levels. You get paid for every new referral that surfs at least 20 pages and then you also get paid for every surfed page. In my text link I wrote the following text: "Earn 600 Satoshis every 30 seconds". That is what you get for every page you surf on the traffic exchange.

For the second link I promoted, I didn't refer to a program directly but to a money page that I created myself consisting of a list of Ether Faucet Links. Each time the page is opened I earn directly from the ads I placed on it and there is a big chance that the person who visits this page is interested in the links I propose and I get referral commissions from them.

For the Text, I used the following "Ether Faucet List" and I also wrote the time of the last update to show that it is a dynamic list that is updated regularly.

The test results

When regarding my test, I have the regret that I did not use a tracker for the links. This would have allowed to get much more precise results. What I can say however is that I have results that are really interesting.

In these 6 weeks, I got a total of 179 referrals for the page 4BC Network. 88 of these referrals have visited at least 20 pages and I got the full referral commission for them. In total my referrals have visited more than 9000 pages and one of them even made a paid upgrade that generated additional income for me.

For the Ether Faucet List, I got in this time 1400 visits coming directly from the faucets. Meaning 1400 direct income from the money page. Of these visitors, many claimed from the faucets that are listed on the page. For the two faucets I added the same day that I started this action, I got 100 and 114 referrals.

Promoting programs with text links can really increase your income. If you manage to collect referrals from an interesting program, you can generate income from them even after stopping the promotion of this program.

One more important piece of advice. If you promote a program over a text link, make sure that you promote it long enough. I realized that people need to see the same link over and over again before they finally enroll. So do not change the text ads too frequently.

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