Saturday, 4 June 2016

How to reach a payout with Ethereum Faucets?

If you got frustrated while trying to reach a payout with Ethereum Faucets, you will be happy to learn that this is about to change!

Ethereum is clearly the coin in fashion and a lot of cryptocurrency users just want to get some. For the people who had experience with Bitcoins and all the other cryptocurrencies, it was perceived that the easiest way to get the first ether was to use the few existing faucets.

Unfortunately the people claiming for these Ethereum Faucets had to realize that it would cost them a lot of time to get their first payout. The withdrawal limit for most of these faucets, compared with the amount that can be earned by claim just lets you get desperate. It is almost impossible to reach the withdrawal limit without having hundreds of referrals.

For the most popular currencies like bitcoins, litecoins, dash, dogecoin, peercoin or primecoin, faucets can be run with a script provided by faucetbox. The big advantage for the user is that all the earnings claimed on such faucetbox faucets are combined and a payout can quite easily be achieved. This was not the case with the ethereum faucets and therefore a payout was almost impossible.

Several faucets paying into a same balance

So far faucetbox does not support Ether but two new players appeared who had the good sense to allow several faucets to payout through a same balance. So the user can direct the earnings of several faucets to a same place and decreases the time till the payout dramatically.

Box Ether

The box Ether group unites 5 faucets with a claiming interval between 5 and 60 minutes. Thanks to the relatively low withdrawal threshold of 0.002 Ether, a payout should be possible for almost everyone.


The EthFaucet group is a brand new player who unites several faucets that are run by different people. Similarly to faucetbox, EthFaucet provides a free faucet script and a common balance. A complete list of the EthFaucet group can be found here.

Thanks to these two players, claiming from ethereum is about to change and most importantly about to pay!

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