Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New Dogecoin Faucet

I am happy to present my newest project: Lemon Doge Faucet

I created a new Faucetbox template and built up a dogecoin faucet with it. I tried to make something colorful and also a faucet where the users attention can stay on one region on the screen. I think this makes the faucet more user friendly. I also believe that if the user does not have to scroll too much, he can pay more attention to the adverts that are presented to him. So I expect to generate more income with this template.

Lemon Doge Faucet

Be the first to promote this faucet and get 15% of all the claims of your referrals!

The Faucet went online yesterday 10.5.2016 and for the moment it is not listed anywhere, not even on my main website. So this offers a chance for the people who would like to get referrals for this faucet. Below you find a 468x60 banner to help promoting the faucet:

By 1st of june I will add the faucet to several lists and also create a link from my website and my other faucets. So hurry up :-)

Please comment, tell me what you think of the template.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, it's a great design. The banner is colourful and look nice. I followed your Money Page course and made one (I still have to refer to you for the 3 referrals links to get the bonus. Is it still ok today to promote your Lemon Doge faucet?
    Again thanks for your great help to get into this business, I experiment it and it's a great experience. By the way if you want to promote your paid course I will be interested, I will build a page for that.