Saturday, 10 December 2016

Faucetbox is closing what can you do?

If you were running a Faucet, there are great chances that you were using the service of Faucetbox. There were thousands of faucets using their service and then in November 2016 came the big surprise. Faucetbox announced that they would close their service !

Faucetbox service is closing down

What does that mean?

On 19th of December 2016, Faucetbox will deactivate their API meaning that no Faucetbox faucet will work anymore. So users cannot claim and they should really make sure to get their last payout before that date. Faucet owners have till January 16th 2017 to empty their wallets.

Fortunately Faucetbox didn’t just withdraw and leave everybody struggling. They updated their Faucetbox script in a way that it becomes compatible with other services. So owners can just continue to use their faucet and change the payment processor. To do so, it is important to download the latest script and to update their faucet.

Where can I go with my Faucet?

Very soon after Faucetbox announced its closing a fellow competitor also decided to close down. So this left us with

So I saw Epay as my solution. I updated my faucets and got an API Key from Epay and adapted all my faucets. Just in the nick of time, Epay updated their service to all the currencies that Faucetbox was offering. So even for my peercoin and dash faucets I managed to find a solution.

Epay faucets are really easy to build up and I opened a new faucet with the Epay Faucet script in about 5 minutes!

Epay allows you to put your faucet on their rotator which brings you tons of traffic. Unfortunately the traffic is not really 100% human. Since everybody uses the same faucet scripts, it has become very easy for bots. Epay showed me that 1000 peopled claimed from one of my faucets one day. Google Analytics however showed only 800 visits to my page. Knowing that each claim needs two visits, well you can imagine how often a claim was generated without a real person being there…

In the meantime another service opened called They offer a free faucet script with included Antibot and a micropayment service. Unfortunately the service only includes Bitcoins. So they offer no solution for all the other currencies.

The latest solution on the horizon is my favorite one

Since I am not 100% happy with Epay, I went on looking for other solutions and I stumbled upon a service that I find amazing. A couple of days later I saw that with the newest version of the Faucetbox Script this provider was also included. So I moved part of my faucets to

Why is it so great? does not offer a faucet script but the newest version (r 69) of the Faucetbox script is 100% compatible. The following currencies are supported: BTC, LTC and Doge. The costs are much higher than Faucetbox. So what makes this service stand out?

The thing is that nobody can claim without having an account with Faucethub. So this reduces maybe the potential number of users a bit but it is a great step against bots. With Faucethub you can have only one account with several addresses and IP’s linked to it. The stats offered to faucet owners are amazing. They tell you how many payouts have been made by the same user or the same IP. This allows you to filter the bots out very fast and block them in your faucet.

Very complete stats for faucet owners

Of course not all bots will disappear but there are much more chances to get real people on my faucets with this service than with Epay. In addition to that, Faucethub allows you to have plenty of faucets with the same account. With this account you can claim from faucets and the income goes to this same wallet. Unnecessary transfer costs are avoided like this.

Part from this, Faucethub offers plenty of additional stuff like games, paid chat and an offer wall where you can get additional satoshis. The admin is very dynamic and every week there is some new mind blowing innovation on the site.

For my faucets and myself I hope that I will continue to be surprised by this great website and I really prefer to pay a bit more for a microwallet service and to know that the admin tries to fight the bot problem with useful weapons.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to get direct referrals with Clixsense

With 7 mio users Clixsense is one of the most popular making money website. Since you can have unlimited direct referrals with this program, it can be a very interesting income source.

Some people claim it is one of the most difficult programs to get referrals for. Well it will not be true for you anymore. I will offer you a free tool so that your inbox will look like this

How does it work?

Well it is very easy. Instead of promoting your referral link directly, you will be able to promote a page that really stands out. It is not only a website, it is actually a whole course that teaches how to be successful with Clixsense. So instead of promoting the same page as like the other 7 mio users of Clixsense, you can promote a page offering an added value that will help new users and also educate them so that they will be more active and successful with the program.

What is your advantage?

The course starts with a landing page containing a video which points out the quality of Clixsense. Then the user can check the different parts of the course. On every page there is a link to sign up for Clixsense and this link will be yours! So for every person who watches this course, there are several possibilities to sign up.
In addition to that the new user will know how to use the program and how to be successful with it. Finished the times when you spend a lot of time, energy and money to get a referral only to find out that he is not active at all. With Clixsense only active referrals will bring you money.

Do you need your own website?

No, I will provide the website for you. In the url there will be your Clixsense referral link and this link will be taken for all the signup buttons of the course.

Why do I offer you this possibility?

There is a lot of work behind this offer. I did it first for myself to get referrals for Clixsense but then I thought it would be nice if my referrals could use it as well. That is why I built up this structure. Then I had the idea to let every Clixsense member profit from it and to monetize the traffic with ads placed within the course. There are no ads on the landing page. In the following lessons of the course you will find some ads so that I have something from my efforts.

How to get your page?

Get all the instructions to get your own page here. It is very easy and nothing more than copy paste. You will get your own url that you can promote everywhere.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New ways to monetize your Faucet or Money Page

For Faucet owners it has become more and more difficult to find ad networks that accept them. Many ad networks consider faucets as providing incentive traffic which is against most of the TOS.

While searching for new ways to monetize my faucets and money pages, I found a couple of interesting services that I would like to present here:

Popads: Pop-up service

After being kicked out by google ads, I had to come up with a way to compensate this income source which of course is almost impossible. The closest I got is with pop-up's. Of course they are not very pleasant for my users but it is the only way to generate enough income to let the faucets survive. The problem with pop-up's is that they are often blocked and often also contain malicious content. I found a solution with Popads that is satisfactory. The service pays quite well but unfortunately the content is not always very clean.

The very low payout level of 5$ allows me to get money quickly and refill my faucets. Payouts are over Paypal or Payoneer. What I like about Popads is that you can define how often the user gets to see a pop-up while he is on my page. I try to keep it to a minimum to not annoy the users too much.

Cpm Affiliation: Paid views

I tried to find new services where you get paid for views only. I discovered Cpm Affiliation in the new forum of and tried it out. You can put up to 5 ads on your page which multiplies your income. 

The payout level is unfortunately a bit high with 50$ but you get 10$ just for joining so you need only 40$ to get the first payout over Paypal and Payza. 

Use this service to eliminate bots on your faucet!

Another very interesting feature of this service is that you can have a direct log of your website visits. This log shows you if your visitors are real people or bots. You get the ip's and you can very easily block these bots through the faucetbox security tab on faucetbox faucets. 

Vist log to your website - find the bots
I checked this for an hour and realized that there are really a lot of bots on my faucets. I am thinking of publishing the ip's of these bots so that all the faucet owners can ban them...

Thanks to these two services, I manage to cover the costs of my faucets and I even get close to the profit zone again.

Do you know of any other way to monetize faucets or money pages?

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Get tons of satoshis for using a forum

I have been a member of Ad networks for quite some time already. I have used it to put banners on my faucets to monetize the traffic. But this website is much more than just a ad network.

Recently I discovered additional futures of the website that really amazed me. First they implemented a new faucet that pays up to 4000 Satoshis per hour, which is probably among the highest payouts around. What is great is that unlike Mellowads you can actually pay out your faucet income to your wallet.

AdBitco Faucet

Get tons of satoshis in #LoveAdBit Forum

BitRush Network, the owners of decided to run an experiment by creating a paid forum around What is amazing is how much you get paid for it.

Pay rates for activity on forum

The content the forum is based mainly on crypto-currencies and advertising. It is a great place to exchange with fellow faucet owners. Not only do you get paid when you post in the forum, you can also put a signature with links to any website you wish.

The forum comes also with a blogging platform where you can write about anything you like as long as it is unique content and not copied from somewhere on the internet. It is a great for people who do not have their own website to write a review or promote a program.

My experience with #LoveAdBit Forum

I joined this forum about two weeks ago and first had to get my account verified. This took about two days but I could already earn in the meantime. Please note that you first have to create an adbit account because your earnings will be sent there. Once your account is verified, you qualify for payouts. The funds you generate in the forum are transferred to your adbit account every week.

I logged in daily and visited a couple of posts each time. I wrote also some forum entries. In total, I spent around 30 minutes on this website and I got paid as follows:

0.003160 BTC on 04.10.2016

0.004505 BTC on 11.10.2016

This is a great reward for the time spent on the website and I could pay it out to my personal wallet.

Hurry up to join

According to the host #LoveAdBit Forum is experimental and in beta, so it is difficult to know how long these amazing pay levels will be kept. I would suggest you to profit as long as it is there :-).

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to protect your faucet from bots

After passing a lot of time setting up your new faucet and making your first deposit to your faucetbox account, you think that now you will finally start to earn some money. Unfortunately it happens too often that your account gets emptied in hours by a bot attack. Not only were your efforts in vain but you actually lost the money you deposited. For most, this means already the end of the adventure as a faucet owner.

About two years ago, I built a bitcoin faucet and invested a lot of time to do so. It was supposed to be a special faucet where people had to watch some videos and click the according button to be brought to the payout page. The payout was 3000 satoshis what was even much at the time. Somebody found a way to crack my system and I lost around 0.03 btc in one night.

Not only faucetbox faucets are attacked, also the custom faucets and the Xapo faucets are suffering under this threat. Often, the owners have no other solution than to close their faucet to cut the losses. It is not only the direct losses that have to be considered. When being attacked, your faucet may get thousands of artificial hits and either your server provider or your ad networks may create trouble for you.

faucet under bot attack
Bot attacks come often hand in hand with much higher referral payouts. A big rise in referral payouts is a trustworthy indicator that your faucet is under attack.

What can you do to protect your faucet against bot attacks?

I have been attacked over and over and I think there is no 100% solution to avoid bot attacks. I came up however with a strategy to keep the bot problem under control for my faucetbox faucets and I want to share it with you here. First I think that the bot designers have managed to create a way that gives the faucet the information that all the captchas are solved. So whether you use Google's recaptcha or solvemedia or any other service this has almost no influence on your protection.

Are antibotlinks the solution?

I included antibot links in my faucets and this helped in some ways but it still does not make my faucets bot proof. It is certainly better to use antibotlinks since you can prevent basic bot attacks. If you use antibotlinks, make sure that you create your own puzzles so that your faucet becomes different from all the others. You can change the puzzles in the file "antibotlinks.php" that you have to save in the folder "libs", in the array called “$word_universe=array();”. Just look at it and you will understand quite easily how to adapt it.

See this tutorial how to put the newest version of antibotlinks on your faucet:

Please avoid putting your antibotlinks close to ads. If you do that, you are probably offending the terms and conditions of your ad networks and you just might get banned from them. Antibotlinks should only be used as a means to protect against bots not to generate fake ad clicks. Using antibotlinks is a good preventive measure to avoid attacks but not a warranty.

You have to be aware that you are under attack

Before you can do anything against a bot attack, you first have to be aware that you are facing one. In order to have a chance to see an attack coming, it is important to have a recent version of your faucetbox script on your page. Faucetbox is aware of the bot problem and they really try to do the best to help us to fight bots. With every new version there are additional tools at our disposal.

There are some measures that you can take in your faucetbox account. Go to your dashboard. In your faucet go under manage. There you have to click the currency of your faucet and set the maximal amount that is paid out every 30 minutes. Be sure not to leave this empty! Try to figure out how much you paid out in the last days and set the limit accordingly. 

Put a limit to protect your faucet from bot attacks
Set the maximal amount that you want to pay out per 30 minutes and ask
faucetbox to send you a mail when this limit is reached

The second step is to let faucetbox generate an e-mail when this limit is reached. Upon reaching the limit, your faucet does not pay anymore till the next half hour starts and it sends you an e-mail to let you know it. When you get e-mails regularly, this means probably that you are under attack and that you should do something about it. Since you have put a limit, you do not have to do anything immediately. The limit protects your assets but you should react so that the normal users can still claim from your faucet.

How to find out whether you are under attack?

First you have to make sure that you are really under attack. For that I have several indicators:

- Bot attacks come almost always with increased referral payments. Why would they claim only the normal payout if they do all the work to rip you off? So if you have much more frequent referral payouts that can be a sign.

- When I am under attack, I realized that bots are not registered by Google Analytics so there is a big gap between the number of visits and the number of faucet claims on Faucetbox. If there is a big discrepancy with the average numbers, this can indicate that bots are at work.

- If I have a btc address that brought a lot of referrals, I check in Google Analytics if there are people having used this referral address as entry to the faucet. With bots there is often not a single one.

If these indicators are not enough, I put my faucet in maintenance mode. I write in big that the faucet is under maintenance so that human users can see it well and I put the payout to 1 satoshis (for btc) and I put the referral commission to 100%. I check then in my faucetbox account (payouts) whether people are still claiming. If they do, well they are probably not people but bots. Why do I put the referral commissions to 100%? I want to see the referring addresses and to be able to see them, there needs to be at least 1 satoshi referral payout per claim.

What can you do when your faucet is attacked by bots?

1) Disable the faucet

If you are sure that your site is under attack, I would disable your faucet because the attack will not stop before you do something. Let the faucet run in maintenance mode some time before you disable it. To disable the faucet, just erase all the rewards in your admin page in the basic tab.

2) Ban the btc addresses

In the payout history of your faucet (in faucetbox dashboard) you can find all the addresses to which payments were made. Of all the people who claimed 1 satoshis, check the referring addresses first. Did you find them in Google Analytics? If not go to your faucet admin page and open the tab “Referrals”. Enter the btc address in the field and it will show you all the referrals of this address. Since you know that the referring address is a bot, you also know that the referrals are bots. You can ban all these addresses by pasting them into the field “List of cryptocurrency addresses to ban” on the security tab in the admin page of your faucet. To do it fast, I copy the whole list and paste it into a Microsoft excel sheet. Then I select only the column of the referrals and paste it into a text editor. This gives me a list with the addresses in the good order (one per line). I can now paste them into the field on my faucetbox admin page.

When banning addresses there is always the risk that you ban real people so do not ban if you are not really sure.

Banning addresses will probably not eliminate all the bots on your faucet but you make their endeavor much less profitable. If this measure is not enough, you should modify your faucet. Either by changing the layout, the puzzles of your antibotlinks or the captcha.

As a last resort you can use the new function of the faucetbox script which allows you to forbid embedding your faucet in an iframe. A bot is nothing else than a script that needs a support and by denying that your faucet is shown in a frame, makes the bots work much more difficult. Unfortunately this will also prevent your faucet from being placed in faucet rotators and you might lose a lot of users.

fight against bot by preventing that your faucet can be embedded
On the admin page of your faucet in the tab "basics" (from script version 64)
you can choose to disable embedding your faucet in  iframe from other domains  

As faucet owners, we have to live with this bot problem and I do not think that there is a 100% security available. With the measures above you have a solution to deal with the problem but it takes a lot of time to put into action and this just makes this business more expensive and less profitable. When I look at the faucet world today, this tendency is visible everywhere. The payouts are going down, more faucets are disabled and many disappear. In the long term and combined with the advertising restrictions of some ad networks, people using bots are ruining this small industry and I do not know whether there will still be owners out there trying to run a faucet business in a couple of months… I expect the worst and hope for the best. 

If you prefer to look for an alternative to earn money online you can try this:

If you have any suggestions or experiences in how you deal with bots, please share them with us and leave a comment below.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Is scam or legit?

How does work? is a crypto-currency based traffic exchange where you are paid to visit other user's pages. You can visit websites or videos and are paid in bitcoins, ethereum and bikercoin for every page you surf. With each page you visit, you also get the right to show one of your own pages or videos to other users. In addition, every day you log in you get 5 free visits to your sites. In short it is a traditional traffic exchange concept where you are paid for watching other user's pages. It is possible to purchase page views and also get a pro account with a lot of advantages. is a crypto-currency based traffic exchange that pays you for visiting websites

How can the admin pay the users for each visit?

The purchased views and the pro account probably cannot cover all the expenses that are generated by the page views of the users. In addition the site pays quite interesting fees for referrals which also have to be covered. So how does the site manage to pay for that?

Is scam?

I think that is legit. I have been able to get a payout out of the site and I think I understand how the concept is built up. There are two factors that will prevent you from earning a lot of money with the site.
First you can see each page only once. You get to see a lot of pages in the first days after opening your account. But later the number of pages that will be presented to you will be very small. The main bulk of the pages you see at the beginning are websites where the admin advertises affiliate products which could generate some income for him.
The second point that is against you is a very high payout threshold for all three currencies. Considering this, it will take ages to get a payout if you do not generate a big number of referrals to this program. Even if you manage to get some referrals, you will probably loose them over time because they get discouraged.

You will probably not make much money with but it is a good site to promote

No is not a scam but it will be difficult to get some money out of it. However, one should also consider the fact that the site offers a really interesting way to promote referral links and programs for free. Just log in once a day and get 5 views for free. See whether you can surf some pages and get some additional views like that. Since the window of the traffic exchange has to be active to let the timer go down, the quality of the advertisement is quite high and it would be even worth to invest in some page views in order to promote a program. is a good website to promote your programs

In short I like this program and I can only encourage people to sign up, knowing that they should use it as a promotion platform for their referral links.  

Friday, 26 August 2016

Why use a landing page to promote your referral link ?

Referral earnings can represent a very interesting income source. It is however not always easy to get these referrals. A big step to increase your chances is to promote a program through a landing page.

Why is it better to promote a landing page than directly your referral link?

Most of the time your referral link shows a standard page which is the same for all the users. It can be a sales page or a sign up page. Some programs provide also landing pages to choose from to promote your referral link but then the landing pages are also the same for all the users. So if you promote the same page like every body else, this does not exactly increase your chances of success.

There are many ways to promote a program but in most cases you have just a couple of seconds to catch the viewers attention. The problem with most referral links is that there is just too much content on the provided landing pages to be grasped in a couple of seconds. So instead of going through this content, the viewer just goes to the next advert.

What should a good landing page contain?

Only the essential! In as few words as possible, it should convey the main reasons why it is necessary to join the program. It should show the major benefits for the user. Ask yourself why you joined the program? A main title, a subtitle and couple of arguments are enough. Don't forget that you only have a couple of seconds to catch the viewers attention. The less content the better it is. A good landing page should also contain a call to action, a button that send to the real referral url.

You might say that it makes the process just longer if the user clicks a landing page first. What you want is that the user subscribes with the program and if you show him the benefits of it before he is sent to the subscription page, the chances will be much higher that he enrolls.

Some examples of not very successful referral urls and possible landing pages:


This is the standard referral link of ads4btc which is the same for all the users and not really helpful to attract the viewers attention.

A possible landing page for the same program that points out the benefits of the program in a few words.


For a program that is very popular like clixsense, it is very difficult to get referrals. Especially if you use the standard referral url that looks like this:

There is just too much content and your chances to get new referrals with this page are very low.

This possible landing page tries to sum up the main benefits for the user.


Another example with a bitcoins program called coinpower. It is an interesting program but on this referral url it is not really clear what is website and what is ads. For a user who has only a couple of seconds to contemplate this page, it will just seem a mess.

A landing page can show the real advantages of the program:

How to build a landing page?

I have seen a lot of people struggle with landing pages. They gave up either because it takes to much time to create them or it is just beyond their technical capacities. I have a solution for them...

A free online tool to generate landing pages

I created a simple free online tool to generate landing pages in minutes. With this tool you can create responsive landing pages without coding knowledge. All the examples above have been created with this tool. Its big advantage is that you have a preview function that allows you to continually adapt your page till you have the result you wish. You can ad pictures and videos just by providing the url. There is the possibility to create several versions of the same landing page changing just the details. This can be very helpful to find out which landing page converts best. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Unleash the power of text links

Did you know that text links are much more often clicked on than banner links? I can confirm it. I tested the return of text links on my faucets for 6 weeks and got tremendous results. 

Most Ad networks do not provide text link features. So it is not surprising that text links are often missing from faucets. There are however other ways to get income than with ad networks. You can for example refer to a program or a site that pays you referral commissions. Or you can link to a money page that brings income for every visit. I tested both of these alternatives for an extended period of time and got very interesting results.

How to place text links

Do not put too many

When I see text links on faucets, there are often far too many and they become a list which is not the same. I got the best results with one or two text links

Put them in a strategical position

A text link can only be successful when visitors can see it well. So it is important to place them close to points where users interact with the page; close to buttons or form fields.

Promote something that interests your users

So when choosing the program or money page that you want to promote with a text link, put yourself in the shoes of your users. What do they want? Why are they on your page? What can interest them? Faucet users are interested in earning coins so you would ideally propose them something where they can earn more coins.

Write a text that attracts the persons interest

Text links give you the unique possibility to put a couple of words to attract the users interests. It is a mistake to just put the name of a program or a faucet. Attract the user with the advantages of a program.

How I setup my test

I have put the same two text links on all my 6 faucets for 6 weeks. I put them in a very central position around the address field. I choose to write the text links in a bright outstanding color.

The links I promoted

With the first link I promoted the traffic exchange 4BC Network. I chose this program for several reasons. First of all it is not a very popular page yet so there are many potential new referrals. If you chose a very well known program, well most of the people are already members... Then this website allows to earn on different levels. You get paid for every new referral that surfs at least 20 pages and then you also get paid for every surfed page. In my text link I wrote the following text: "Earn 600 Satoshis every 30 seconds". That is what you get for every page you surf on the traffic exchange.

For the second link I promoted, I didn't refer to a program directly but to a money page that I created myself consisting of a list of Ether Faucet Links. Each time the page is opened I earn directly from the ads I placed on it and there is a big chance that the person who visits this page is interested in the links I propose and I get referral commissions from them.

For the Text, I used the following "Ether Faucet List" and I also wrote the time of the last update to show that it is a dynamic list that is updated regularly.

The test results

When regarding my test, I have the regret that I did not use a tracker for the links. This would have allowed to get much more precise results. What I can say however is that I have results that are really interesting.

In these 6 weeks, I got a total of 179 referrals for the page 4BC Network. 88 of these referrals have visited at least 20 pages and I got the full referral commission for them. In total my referrals have visited more than 9000 pages and one of them even made a paid upgrade that generated additional income for me.

For the Ether Faucet List, I got in this time 1400 visits coming directly from the faucets. Meaning 1400 direct income from the money page. Of these visitors, many claimed from the faucets that are listed on the page. For the two faucets I added the same day that I started this action, I got 100 and 114 referrals.

Promoting programs with text links can really increase your income. If you manage to collect referrals from an interesting program, you can generate income from them even after stopping the promotion of this program.

One more important piece of advice. If you promote a program over a text link, make sure that you promote it long enough. I realized that people need to see the same link over and over again before they finally enroll. So do not change the text ads too frequently.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

As a faucet owner, are you scared that Google kicks you out?

There are available solutions to substitute Google Adsense

For almost all the faucet owners out there, Google Adsense represents the main income source. Why? Because the amount of pay per click is just so much higher than anywhere else.
Unfortunately Google closes more an more accounts of Faucet Owners and often blocks accumulated sums. The reason for it is not really clear but the intention of google cannot be misunderstood. They just do not want to have google Ads on Faucets anymore.

Finding alternatives

There are other ad networks out there that can help faucet owners to replace google. It is however difficult to evaluate which networks are really trustworthy. There is the problem of the payout and also of the content that is put on your site. I have seen faucets that where blacklisted by Google Chrome because they had put certain ads on their website.

Here a list of ad networks that I use on my faucets:


Adhitz is a great service and it is not much used with faucets. The big advantage is that most of the ads are related to earning money online which should appeal to faucet users. Adhitz does not pay very much. Per click you earn starting from 0.01 $. Adhitz is a huge site and there are thousands of ads. So there is almost always something for your page. You can put up to 4 Zones for either image or text ads.
You get a payout to paypal once your account reaches 25 $ which can take some time.


Mellowads is the best CPM Network that I know. With this service alone I almost cover the entire payouts of my faucets! Before you can join mellowads however, your faucet has to be ranked among the first million sites on Alexa. So be sure that you meet this requirement before you apply.
You can place up to 5 Ad zones on your Website. The more traffic you get, the more you get paid. The level of payout however depends mainly on the current network pool which you can find on your dashboard. You get a payment every day and you can payout in Bitcoins to your personal wallet whenever you want.


Blockadz is a CPM service. It is a great way to start monetizing your site. The site requirements are almost not existent, meaning that they take almost every site. This is good for you because you can start earning immediately with your faucet. You can put up to 5 Adzones on your page and for 1000 views you get something around 0.03 $ which of course is not much.
You get an automatic payout in bitcoins once your reach 0.01 BTC but man this takes time to reach...

Anonymous Ads

This website allows you to set up an adspace within seconds. There is no authorization process and you can place these ads on any page you wish. This is the perfect network for beginners who do not have a very well known faucet yet.
Anonymous ads is a network that pays you per unique view. This has to be understood well however. You will not be paid according to the unique views on your page but according to the unique views in respect to the whole network! Depending on your traffic sources, the result could be quite disappointing. However, it is very easy to set up and the earnings are paid out when 0.0001 BTC are reached which is quite low.
Since the system is completely anonymous, there is no login or account for publishers. This means that when creating your adspace, you will get an url that you will have to remember. Otherwise you will not be able to change your ad in the future.

Other ad networks that I can recommend

Bitmedia: CPC
Adalso: CPC

Finding a good mix

For my faucets, I try to use several of these ad networks at once and compare their performances. This allows me to be less dependent on Google Adsense. Well even like that it would be a big blow for me, if google stopped adsense on my sites. That is why I plan to stop using adsense all together before they actually close my account...

Saturday, 4 June 2016

How to reach a payout with Ethereum Faucets?

If you got frustrated while trying to reach a payout with Ethereum Faucets, you will be happy to learn that this is about to change!

Ethereum is clearly the coin in fashion and a lot of cryptocurrency users just want to get some. For the people who had experience with Bitcoins and all the other cryptocurrencies, it was perceived that the easiest way to get the first ether was to use the few existing faucets.

Unfortunately the people claiming for these Ethereum Faucets had to realize that it would cost them a lot of time to get their first payout. The withdrawal limit for most of these faucets, compared with the amount that can be earned by claim just lets you get desperate. It is almost impossible to reach the withdrawal limit without having hundreds of referrals.

For the most popular currencies like bitcoins, litecoins, dash, dogecoin, peercoin or primecoin, faucets can be run with a script provided by faucetbox. The big advantage for the user is that all the earnings claimed on such faucetbox faucets are combined and a payout can quite easily be achieved. This was not the case with the ethereum faucets and therefore a payout was almost impossible.

Several faucets paying into a same balance

So far faucetbox does not support Ether but two new players appeared who had the good sense to allow several faucets to payout through a same balance. So the user can direct the earnings of several faucets to a same place and decreases the time till the payout dramatically.

Box Ether

The box Ether group unites 5 faucets with a claiming interval between 5 and 60 minutes. Thanks to the relatively low withdrawal threshold of 0.002 Ether, a payout should be possible for almost everyone.


The EthFaucet group is a brand new player who unites several faucets that are run by different people. Similarly to faucetbox, EthFaucet provides a free faucet script and a common balance. A complete list of the EthFaucet group can be found here.

Thanks to these two players, claiming from ethereum is about to change and most importantly about to pay!

Check out our extensive list of Ethereum Faucets.


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New Dogecoin Faucet

I am happy to present my newest project: Lemon Doge Faucet

I created a new Faucetbox template and built up a dogecoin faucet with it. I tried to make something colorful and also a faucet where the users attention can stay on one region on the screen. I think this makes the faucet more user friendly. I also believe that if the user does not have to scroll too much, he can pay more attention to the adverts that are presented to him. So I expect to generate more income with this template.

Lemon Doge Faucet

Be the first to promote this faucet and get 15% of all the claims of your referrals!

The Faucet went online yesterday 10.5.2016 and for the moment it is not listed anywhere, not even on my main website. So this offers a chance for the people who would like to get referrals for this faucet. Below you find a 468x60 banner to help promoting the faucet:

By 1st of june I will add the faucet to several lists and also create a link from my website and my other faucets. So hurry up :-)

Please comment, tell me what you think of the template.

Friday, 1 April 2016

How I increased my PTP income by 800%

When I started to look for ways to earn online, traffic exchanges were one of the first places I landed. I remember surfing 1000 pages with easyhits4u in order to earn 0.3 $ and promoted my referral page of clixsense with about zero success.

While surfing traffic exchanges (TE's) I discovered PTP pages like donkeymails, cashnhits or no-minimum and promoted them instead. After  a while I had to recognize that I would hardly make any money at all and turned to other things.

Some time ago, I rediscovered the paid to promote strategy with pages like rotate4all or traffic2yoursite. Again I tried to use traffic exchanges to drive traffic to it but soon got bored and took the resolve to find a way to make earning with PTP pages more profitable.

rotate4all a new way of PTP

I created my own PTP page

I started by creating my own paid to promote page combining several services to increase my income per view. I called it a "money page" and built a tutorial how to build such a page for free. With this money page, each visit brings me about 3 times more income than a single PTP link.

Then I built a strategy to multiply the traffic to my page

The second step was to make the surfing on TE's more efficient. Well I found a way that allows me not only to surf TE's much faster but also triples the views of my page for the same number of websites I surf on TE's. I built an online course to explain step by step how to get these results and called it the "Traffic spinning top". I choose this name because my system works the same way. Like a spinning top, you have to give it an initial impulse and then it just turns by itself till the impulse is completely used.

my online course "the traffic spinning top"

I now earn about 8 times more with my paid to promote strategy and it becomes a quite interesting business.